Acne No More is a popular acne removal remedy authored by Mike Walden that focuses on permanently curing acne through natural and holistic means.

The Acne No More website claims that even the most severe and stubborn cases of acne can be greatly alleviated in less than 7 days, with a full-blown and permanent cure promised in less than two months.

Mike Walden claims that his system is clinically proven and exclusive information, as it is a method that he personally developed over the last 7 years, and says that the product has thousands of satisfied customers already.

Acne No More promises that it will be the last solution you ever need for acne, and that there are no drugs involved or any side effects whatsoever.


A 4-Star rating indicates that customer feedback for this product tends to be positive overall. Complaints are usually minor in nature or only apply to certain audiences.

"if youre really serious about clearing your acne from the inside... with nutrition and etc... i would recommend the acne no more book... i bought it for 40 dollars "
Portion of actual user comment on acne.org message board

"anyone searching for the truth about acne...will find Acne No More to be one of the best investments they ever made in their lives. "
portion of actual user review on vault9.net forums

"The program was too hard to follow, and I didn’t have access to some of the things required to follow it"
Portion of actual user comment on curezone.com message board

"...it has been given less attention than it deserves"
Portion of actual user comment on Yahoo Answers (answers.yahoo.com)

Our Research on Acne No More Suggests:

According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased, non-vested comments & articles), Acne No More is an effective acne cure.

It seems that the audience that appreciated the book the most were those looking for a natural or holistic cure. Some customers even noted that the process recommended in the book is good for more than just clearing up acne.

The most common complaint about Acne No More was related to the difficulty in the process itself. While those that completed the process were generally unhappy, some people found it too strict to follow and were not able to accurately gauge the results.

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Based on customer research and feedback, the Acne Free in 3 Days system does work as stated. Only minor problems were uncovered in the research conducted for this review.

Company/Author Info:

Mike Walden is the author of Acne Free in 3 Days. The domain name (acnenomore.com) was registered in March 2005 by a company in Scottsdale, AZ.

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Information:

Contents: 220 pages in book. Lifetime updates are included in the price, as well as various bonus reports and one on one counseling with the author.

Distribution: Product is distributed digitally via instant download. To purchase, simply visit the website here and click the download link at the bottom of the page.

Price: $39.97
Return Policy: 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee