Cancer Alkaline Diet

Cancer Alkaline Diet

Cancer Alkaline Diet. What does this mean?

Foods leave behind a trace of either acid or alkaline. Most foods in the modern day diet are acidic. What does that equal? Problems for your body from an excess of acids left in the system after being metabolised from food. Excess of acids can leads to minor and more serious illnesses such as cancer.

Suggestions from research has shown links to an acid-rich diet weakening the immune system, because the body needs its natural alkaline levels to sustain a healthy working order. When that balance is disrupted then it is like sending an open invitation to illnesses and infections to come over and party inside. There is evidence to suggest that, because cancer cells are acidic and enjoy low-oxygenated environments within, a cancer alkaline diet can provide some prevention because alkaline levels increase when the blood is well oxygenated. When the natural balance of alkaline levels are where they should be, it means that it should provide environments where cancer cannot be born or survive.

It’s when there gets too much acid that needs dumping from the body. The body naturally finds a place to store it, and that place can suffer cell decay, which in turn leads to the creation of more acid. The cells that are stubborn and survive in these areas, do so by becoming abnormal. Malignant. Cancerous.

So a cancer alkaline diet can possibly provide a little protection. Natural foods like vegetables, legumes and fruit all help to keep the alkaline levels around the 7.4pH mark, where they should be. But, not only can an alkaline diet be looked upon for prevention of cancer, the all round health benefits of such a dietary plan brings so much more. It can aid with weight loss, boosting energy and vitality as well as keeping you looking young. You benefit from all the natural supplements of vitamins and enzymes that fresh and raw foods deliver.

Goodness and a helping hand from Mother Nature. Put yourself in her hands and let her take care of you.