How would you like to lose

How would you like to lose

How would you like to lose 18 pounds in less than 3 weeks naturally, easily, and permanently? Well, take just a quick 60 seconds out of your busy day to read this article here and discover the most effective diet too quickly and permanently lose weight fast!

Okay my friend, if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly, the very first principle you have to understand is that you must stick with natural methods. Therefore, do your body a favor and stay away from fad diets. Fad diets are unnatural and will end up slowing down your metabolism! A slow metabolism = stored body fat and “yo-yo weight loss”!

Now, the most effective diet that I have found throughout my research is the calorie shifting diet from Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

The reason the calorie shifting diet works wonders at making faster and more consistent fat loss possible is simply because this diet is based around getting proper nutrition and boosting your metabolism.

With the calorie shifting diet, you will will receive a diet generator that will create a custom menu plan of four meals you’ll eat daily. Now, what makes this diet unique and incredibly effective is the “shifting” technique you will discover. By using this “shifting” technique, you will discover how to strategically alternate the calories from the foods you eat which will then cause your metabolism to boost to the maximum level possible. With your metabolism running full speed ahead throughout the entire day, you will lose pounds exceedingly fast…throughout the entire day!

So, if you want to lose 18 pounds in less than 3 weeks from today naturally, easily, and permanently, then I recommend you try out the calorie shifting diet.

Lose 18 Pounds and burn off stubborn fat in less than 3 WEEKS with the calorie shifting diet plan!

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Find out today about the most popular weight loss diet program around? Today I will discuss with you the #1 online diet program in 2009 which is not only successful and effective but also the safest and best way to lose weight as I’ll explain.

Why This Special Diet is Different & Better than The Rest!

You’ll probably well aware of low calorie diets and what they consist of, if no I’ll briefly describe their mechanics. Essentially low calorie diets have the individual eating fewer calories (food) throughout the day, this causes the body to starve for calories and forces the body to use up fat stores as energy. What’s wrong with this picture? Starving the body isn’t healthy! It’s funny that so many people continue with these diets when they’re so far from good for you it isn’t funny!

Ask yourself this would you rather starve to lose weight and risk putting on even more when you stop? Or would you rather target the cause of weight gain and impaired weight loss?

How This Diet Works!

It’s known as the calorie shifting diet and it has well over 1 million people find success on it last year. It’s completely different from all other diets on the market as its sole focus is not on avoiding food but embracing it so that your body can better tolerate and use calories as energy. It gets right to the root by boosting your metabolism from food. Best of all most people who try calorie shifting not only quickly reach their weight loss goal but they also continue losing weight for weeks afterwards! The reason being that calorie shifting changes the way your metabolism works so it’s much more active and this effect remains even after you finish the program!

Calorie shifting is the best weight loss system in the world, if for no other reason than that it’s the proper way to lose weight. Burning calories from eating food instead of avoiding food and starving the body which is un-natural and unhealthy!

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What makes you not lose weight? Strange as it sounds, the answer is trying many of the diets that are out there. Yes. You heard me correctly. A large number of so-called miracle diets are just there to take your money and leave you in the same out of condition shape you were already in. Some of the diets that you try will even add to your body fat, now that is news to know.

When you are successful with losing weight and burning fat, you will definately begin to look and feel so much better. Many have said money cant buy hapiiness, but using the right diet programme and losing weight sure will make us very happy.Losing those extra love handles can make you grin and give you bounds of energy in your steps. We all know that obesity is an ongoing serious health problem around the world. Weight loss as well as making you look and feel better, could take yours off your age, when I lose weight I look so much younger and healthier all round. Start now and look wonderful for your next special occasion.

Lets face it most of us who are or have been overweight want to lose weight (I include myself in that) Ive tried many ways to lose weight and learnt the hard way that a sensible weight loss plan is the best route to take. Ive tried what are known as fad diets and found that the weight returned much faster due to my metabolism being lower than before I started. It is very true that 2llbs per week is a healthy loss and is much more likely to stay off in the long run.

The strip that fat programme is a favourite of mine, because it works…it really is that simple, Im sure that many of you have already tried the fads and celebrity diets. There are low carb diets, low fat diets, and the thing in common…..they don’t work as well as they claim.

If you do not eat enough and starve yourself this could harm you seriously and you WILL gain weight. There are also the so-called Celebrity and Hollywood diets that you can use. I don’t know about you, I like eating foods that are a bit more substantial than a glass of bitter tea and scraps of carrots with 1 oz. of boiled fish.

Strip that Fat can help you lose weight by letting you eat meals more often. You can enjoy up to 5 meals a day and start losing weight.

This slimming programme teaches you to eat the best foods in the right quantities, that will significantly increase your metabolism therefore increasing weight loss and energy. It also shows you fantastic excersises that will rid you of your belly fat at a faster rate.

Eating on the strip that fat programme and excersising as suggested you should never feel hungry. You will easily lose upto 2llbs of fat each week. You will be eating more food more often and you will be winning the battle of the bulge at the same time.

I bet you would love to be in perfect shape for your summer holidays or the next special occasion in your life, strip that fat will help you reach your goals.

Amanda loves to research and test new products including digital products, once tested she writes about them giving her own experience.For all of the latest products, news, and case studies on affiliate training personnel please visit Work From Home and Money Making Review

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Achieving weight loss has become the prime objective for many in this day and age. This is due to the fact that it is such a big cosmetic requirement as well as a health necessity these days. With a wide variety of proven weight loss diet programs to choose from, the main challenge that many are now faced with is retaining their weight loss results. Dietitians have always been vocal in reminding people that reaching their weight loss goal should not spell the end of their healthy diet. There will still be a need for them to continue with eating and living healthy if there is any hope of retaining the results from losing weight. The process involved with retaining ones weight loss results is what will be addressed below in this article.

Following through with a weight loss plan makes no sense if after losing the desired pounds — a person regains it equally as fast like an elastic band that has been released. There has to be a plan that is put in place that ensures that the lost weight does not return. For this reason, a person who has lost weight must pay continued attention to the total calorie intake, the frequency of meals consumed, and the overall nutritional balance in much the same way the focus was at the beginning of the weight loss plan.

That is why a regime of proper dieting should be continued immediately following weight loss, in order to preserve the results from the pounds shed. At this stage, the struggle of giving up certain foods or resisting the temptation to visit a favorite fast food joint would have already been placed under control. Once that battle between the mind and the body, or we can call it the struggle between indulgence and reason, has already been won, keeping up that necessary diet may not be difficult. This is because the body can be easily trained at this stage into getting accustom to the healthy long-term diet pattern which should follow.

The importance of continuing with a healthy diet plan immediately following weight loss can never be overemphasized. If at this stage a person reverts to eating those foods that were avoided while focusing on achieving weight loss — it will only be a matter of time before such an individual is brought back to square one. The results obtained from weight loss would then be neutralized by this. It would be like a former alcoholic picking up the bottle again. So, when setting a weight loss goal, weight maintenance should be as much a part of the goal as the amount of weight you are hoping to shed.

Looking for a good weight loss program? Try Fat Loss for Idiots

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We all want to find the perfect diet that will allow us to lose weight without much effort but the truth is we have to make some sacrifices so that we can shed those pounds. There are many diet plans to choose from that will help us to lose weight quickly but you want to make sure that you find a plan that will help to keep the weight off as well because in most cases people who take off weight fast will put it back on. You need to search for a plan that fits into your lifestyle because you need to stay on the plan long enough for you to lose the weight.

Find the: Best Diet Plan

There are many nationally well known diet plans such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig but you want to do your research before you join on the dotted line. These both are great plans and millions of people have been successful on them. The Weight Watchers plan many people like because it is cheap to be a member and in a tough economy this is important. Also it has a wonderful support system so when you need help in a tough time someone is there to help you out.

Jenny Craig is also popular because all the meals are prepared for you and this makes it easier to not worry about what to eat. The cost will be higher on this diet because you are buying the food directly form them but like Weight Watchers they also have a great support system.

Remember that whatever diet plan that yo choose you need to find one that works well for you and the way you live.

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So what is Yo-Yo dieting

Yo-yo dieting is a repeated loss and gain of body weight due to excessive dieting.

My dear mum was a classic Yo-Yo dieter, she would talk incessantly about her weight and the current super diet that she was on and how this was the one that would work for her.

Every time there was a special event ahead like a wedding, anniversary or holiday, she would embark on a new diet plan. I remember watching her eat some appalling concoctions or starving herself of food in the belief that this would make her slim forever.

In many cases she did lose a lot of weight only to pile it back on after the special event had taken place. Each time she gained the weight, she always gained a little more than her start weight, only to start the process all over again for the next up and coming event!!

Why do people Yo-Yo diet

There are two reasons a person goes on a diet – Appearance and Health.

Either way the individual will embark on a diet, often something that is extreme and deprives them of quantity and or variety of food. Invariably these diets are unbalanced and after the initial period of elation from weight loss they find them hard to maintain, craving foods that they used to eat and then eating them in large volume.

The individual may lack the necessary nutrients and start to have feelings of ill health. This leads to the failure of the diet plan – weight gain of the weight lost and more – and the inevitable merry-go-round cycle of Yo-Yo dieting begins and in most cases continues throughout the person’s life as it did with my Mum.

My Experience with Yo-Yo dieting

I have been a Yo-Yo dieter most of my life, however, in my teen’s and 20’s I did manage my weight quite well albeit by constant yo-yoing.

The only difference between me and my Mum is that I was conscious that what I was doing was not good for me and when I was being sensible I was eating a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet.

Effect on emotions

Yo-Yo dieting has an enormous effect on your emotions. The high from losing weight, with the crash to the low from regaining it is soul destroying and the feelings of failure are immense. The need to look as good as the person you aspire to and not being able to attain this makes you feel a failure. The lack of correct nutrition can lead to depression.

How can we stop this process

Weight control has nothing to do with dieting. Weight control is all about eating the right foods in the right quantities with occasional treats that satisfy us. By following this way of eating, you will never need to diet again.

Yo-Yo dieting is a state of mind, you subconscious mind has been programmed to allow you to feed yourself in this way. However, your mind can be reprogrammed.

Reprogramming the mind to be in control of what you eat is a simple and safe way to lose weight and find renewed health and well being.

Take care – Karen

Nutritional Therapist

Tip of the day

Make a note of what you eat today no matter what it is. Then review this to see the good and bad food choices and quantities. It will start to make you aware of your eating habits!

My name is Karen, I am happily married to Malcolm and we have a great son called Sam. I have been a successful business woman for many years and I now own and run my own company.
Like many of you I work and run the family home, arrange our social life and do everything to ensure we live life to the full. Well nearly everything, as up until recently there has always been something holding me back - yes you’ve guessed it - My Weight!
I have written a series of reports documenting my weight loss journey in which time I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and made an amazing discovery to Fast, Effortless, Permanent, Weight Loss
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Acai Burn Extreme is a weight loss supplement that is geared completely towards men. One of the most overlooked drawbacks of many of the popular weight loss aids is that they don’t differentiate between the two sexes. Let’s face it, a man’s body chemistry is completely different than a woman’s, yet almost every product on the market claims to be able to help both genders drop the pounds. If you’re a guy who needs to lose some weight and you want to do it quickly, Acai Burn Extreme is a great choice.

This particular weight loss supplement is made primarily of acai berries. Anyone who has been trying to shape up recently has heard of this natural, very potent fruit. It is proven to help people lose weight when taken as suggested. In fact, Acai Burn Extreme supplements will help a man lose 450% more weight than if he was dieting and exercising alone. For a guy who wants to get to his target weight and doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, this is obviously the route to take.

In addition to boosting metabolism and helping to burn fat, this product also boasts the benefit of helping to control your appetite. If you’ve run short of willpower, you’ll really appreciate this. Besides the acai berries, the other natural ingredients include essential nutrients, so you can be assured that each supplement is truly doing your body good. For any man looking for a way to help him stay on course for getting in shape, this is a natural and effective approach.

You can try Acai Burn Extreme for free today!

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When you are trying to lose weight, you must understand that it will take time.There are many facts that you should think about when losing those extra poundsHere we will look at a few of these factors that can help you lose weight if you choose to do so.

A very good weight loss programme is one you can cope with. Begin by using these in your everyday life so you have some control over your diet already. Dont forget that you should keep an eye on what you are eating and also a fitness or excersise plan should be inlcluded into your week.. In order to lose weight properly without endangering your health you will need to consume the right kinds of nutrients in order for your body to perform in top-notch condition.

If you do not get the right types of nutrients, minerals and vitamins it is possible that you could end up being too tired to do anything else as well as causing stress to your body and affecting your well being

When starting the most important factor is to consider any junk that you eat in your diet and eliminate it immediately, try to replace it with fruit or something healthy that you like.

These types of foods are jam packed with calories and do not offer you the proper nutrition that your body needs to thrive.

Remember to drink lots of water. Water works by flushing all the toxins from your body as well as re-hydrating your body. This helps to break down fats from your body and helps you to lose weight. Besides, most of the time it is possible that a body is actually thirsty rather than hungry. So we have now established the importance of water another idea you can give a go is.

- 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
- One 8-ounce glass of tepid water

Mix and drink on an empty stomach.

A very important point is to eat smaller portions more often during the day.An example is to eat 5-6 smaller portions each day and will help you to lose weight faster, it is known to be healthier than 3 large meals each day.However, do not skip meals or avoid eating as this can actually cause you to gain weight rather than losing weight.

After choosing the diet plan, you prefer you should begin a good exercise regimen. Including regular exercise to your daily lifestyle will help you strengthen and tone your body. Exercising will also help you burn calories and fat from your body.

Activity plays such an important role whilst helping you to lose the extra pounds. You should definately include walking into your excersise plan, it is one of the easiest and effective forms of activity, especially power walking, its great for your health and well being and encourages endorphines release.

Aerobic exercises and cardio workouts along with weight lifting are excellent choices for toning etc when losing weight,

Amanda Is A Work From Home Mum of 3, she chooses to work from home to be there for her children (2 of which have autism) so needing extra care and attention, she enjoys researching digital products and finding the best ones to write about, for more information please visit Dieting Miracles and Bananas For Slimming

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How To Conquer Weight loss Reluctance

Five Steps to Conquer Weight loss Reluctance

What is weight loss reluctance? It is best typified by the the health and fitness seeker who hangs out around the gyms, outside or even at home every morning drinking coffee and chewing the fat with other health and fitness seekers rather than getting in a productive habit of a successful weight loss program that sets you up for maximizing serious results for the earliest possible start; the health and fitness seeker who shuffles around without a proper unique program designed for them is unplanned and will not get results period. The fact is like anything else weight training and good nutritional habits for weight loss should have a path and plan for measurable results. The one who procrastinates all day long by rationalizing will not be successful and see the desired results they seek and deserve.

How can we specifically apply this to conquering weight loss reluctance? As with most things , a problem honestly acknowledged is at lest half solved. If you will confront your habit of avoidance and take it on with the determination to chase it out of your daily life, this alone is much more than just the first step of a lengthy journey; instead, it is a giant leap toward your weight loss success. A leap that puts you perhaps halfway to your goal.

Over the years, I have met and had lengthy conversations with many of my top professional clients. Almost without exception, these men and women had struggled off and on over the years with approaching weight loss and at some point in their life and ultimately made a decision , a committment to move from avoidance to confrontation. I don’t mean confrontation in the negative sense, by the way. I mean confronting your own demons with bold and brave determination. Having the courage to rid yourself and your life of any particular demon, in this case , weight loss reluctance , is almost magical in its power. By taking action and facing the true root to those demons and applying forgiveness and letting go these clients finally achieved lasting results.

Apply these five steps to your successfull weight loss approach and see how they make your efforts fast forward a notch with greater results and success.

Step 1: Choose Exercises and Eating plans you feel good about doing and taking action on.
Step 2: Be 110% Sold on What Method or Program You Approach
Step 3: Try Recalling Past Accomplishments With Your Weight loss Efforts
Step 4: Use Mental Rehearsal for Success
Step 5: When that little tension ball starts to appear Relaxation techniques works every time

I hope you enjoy these tips and really search deep on how you can use these tried and true techniques to have more success with your health, fitness, and weight loss goals. Have a healthy and happy day!

By, Natalie Pyles

Health and Fitness Expert, Weight loss Specialist, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Author, and NSA Speaker

Who I Am

Hello, my name is Natalie Pyles. I am a Local Fitness & Nutritional Expert. I have over 16 years of experience in both the Health and Fitness Industry. I’d like to share my Personal story of overcoming my battles with weight loss that began as an early adolescent. I struggled from the ages of 13-18, I realized that I had a severe problem and decided then and there to take action.

I Conquered Weight Loss

I hired a Personal Trainer and Licensed Nutritionist, like myself, and the rest is history. Basically, I learned at an early age, there is no quick fix… only hard work, perseverance, and committment to a healthier lifestyle will guarantee results. I quit looking for the magic solution and got educated.

How Can I Help You

I am now the owner of Fitness Elements & Associates. I want to help You realize your true Fitness Potential and levels of Optimal Health. I have committed my life to to helping others achieve the success that I have found through Fitness and Nutrition. If you have the desire and the will… together we can make your dreams a reality. You deserve to know the truth; what you are capable of and really can achieve.

I look forward to hearing your story, so in the years to come you can pay it forward. Call me today for your Free Fitness and Nutritional Consultation!

Sincerely Your Friend in Fitness,

Natalie Pyles
Owner, Fitness Elements & Associates LLC.

Phone: 1-800-681-9894 or Fax 623-399-4199

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