Irexis ReviewDon’t disappoint your partner in

Irexis ReviewDon’t disappoint your partner in

Irexis Review

Don’t disappoint your partner in bed from this day forward. With the help of Irexis, a natural male enhancement, you can deliver the goods anytime, anywhere, and anyway she wants it!

Take Irexis at least 20 minutes before sexual activity to enhance your performance. But to get the maximum benefits, take two tablets daily and you should experience enhanced orgasms, harder, larger, and longer lasting erections. Taking Irexis daily lets the ingredients build up in your system

Irexis is formulated with all natural herbal ingredients and a prescription is not needed. You should be aware that Irexis contains the herb yohimbe. Yohimbine acts through the nervous system to increase blood flow to the penis, it may work great, but with a cost.

According to research, the FDA approves yohimbe to treat impotence, but the standard dose is only 15 to 30 mg daily in divided doses. Irexis contains 500 mg of yohimbe.

You should be a very healthy man before taking Irexis because there could be some bad side effects from the Yohimbe content.

What’s in Irexis?

There is a huge list of ingredients in the Irexis formula. Each ingredient has an amount, which is uncommon in most supplements. Here are some of the active ingredients in Irexis:

Orchic substance 75 mg— is derived from freeze-dried cow testicles. The final product is rich in vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

Oyster Extract 75 mg— used for its aphrodisiac effects, stimulates the reproductive system to help sexual endurance.

Zinc 50 mg—an essential mineral that supports prostate gland function, increases sperm motility, and increases testosterone production.

L-arginine 250 mg– an amino acid that aids the production of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood to flow to the penis.

Pumpkin seed used to strengthen the prostate gland, promotes male hormone function, and is used to contract muscles.

How Much Does Irexis Cost?

You can purchase Irexis directly from their website for $59.99. This will get you ONE month’s supply of little blue tablets. You have options of buying bulk orders and getting a little discount.

Or you could shop around, we found three boxes for only $50.
00 on one site (may not have a guarantee though).

Does Irexis Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Irexis does have a 90 day money back guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied with it.

BUT, in order to collect your money you have to contact the Irexis company via email 30 days from the purchase date and arrange for a return. All the details are on the Irexis official website.

You have up to 90 days to do the final return, but only 30 days to make contact and get the ball rolling, there a few things you have to do before the 90 days are up!

Final Thoughts on Irexis

Very expensive supplement, but it does have a guarantee with some stipulations that you need to be aware of. Buy it, if it doesn’t work within the 30 days, return it! No one loses. You probably won’t get S & H fees returned!

You should definitely check with your doctor before taking Irexis because of its yohimbe content.

Have you used Irexis?

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