Melt Those Pounds Off

Melt Those Pounds Off
I once read a quote about ‘motivation’-

‘Motivation is like taking a bath. You need to do it every day’.

Well, seems to be true. You may have to adequately motivate yourself when it comes to weight loss. But who said this has to be a tough job? A deficit of 3500 calories will cause weight loss that amounts to one whole pound.

Melt pounds

Well, we may have some rather simple (by the looks of it) tips that will help you lose weight. Remember, the more consistent you are with these tips, the more weight you’ll lose.

The burger blast must go –

Begin making your own burgers at home. You could opt for a cut of beef which is called ‘round’. The best part about this cut is that it is almost equivalent on the calorie count when it comes to skinless chicken. You could also use some lean ground beef.


Whipped cream

Add up on the whipped cream –

Cut out on the ice cream cravings by substituting the fattier dessert with your own version of whipped cream with fruits. You could choose between strawberries, cherries or any other fruits of your choice. It’ll be lower on the calorie meter, when compared to ice creams.

Eat more pizza –

Yes, you heard it right! We’re telling you to eat some more pizza, but just not the Pizza Hut kinds. Opt for a frozen healthy pizza and stock up on it. Choose brands like Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine.


Drink water

Drink it up -

Did you know that just by swapping your alcoholic or soda accompaniment that you use with meals with a simple glass of water, you could lose up to 15 pounds in a single year? Another way of feeling fuller for longer is by consuming foodstuffs that are high on water content – fruits and veggies for instance.

Fish is good for you! –

Swap the 6 ounce steak for some healthier tuna or salmon, which fit the 300 – 350 calorie range. If you opt for fish instead of red meat, you’ll end up saving on 200-300 calories. Seafood is also known to be higher in omega 3 fatty acids, which come with their own health benefits.


Weight losing tips

Keep munching all day –

Yup! As contradictory as it may sound, people who believe in more meals per day are less likely to pile on the pounds. They actually end up taking in fewer calories, because they are less prone to binge-eating. You could choose to go in for healthier snack options like fresh fruits or some whole wheat bread with peanut butter to go with it. Both these options are high on fiber and protein; and thus they’ll help you feel fuller for longer.

Sweep the area clean –

Well, we’re referring to all the high-cal junk food here. Make sure you don’t bring any home. Do not have them at home = less likely to eat it. That’s as simple as it gets.

Use nonstick pans –

This will let you go easy on the butter or margarine. Eliminate oil completely and see how you immediately notice those pounds melting off your body. If you do want to fry or sauté, use a vegetable oil cooking spray, which is known to have 0 calories. This is perhaps the most painless way to lose weight.