One n Only Argan Oil Reviews

One n Only Argan Oil Reviews

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One of the things that have driven a number of women insane is when they have bad hair days. This is why there are a lot of women who spend hours in the bathroom just trying to fix their hair before they go out.

There are a lot of reasons why women tend to have bad hair days. First is the lack of natural vitamins that gives life to the hair.

Others, even if they are eating healthy, are due to their lifestyle, succumbing to stress that greatly affects the hormones. Some are also affected by the effects of drinking prescribed medicines.

Whatever the reason, people will find ways to keep their hair looking new and fresh and that is by buying products such as One n Only Argan Oil products.


For the beauty fanatics, they know a lot about Argan Oil. Just the mention of this rare and exotic oil is enough to make their eyes go wide. This is natural since it is a much sought after ingredient for hair care because it is known to keep hair and even the skin moisturized.

One n Only hair care products have argan oil in each of them. Only a small amount of this product and rubbing it on the hair is enough to keep it radiant the whole day.

Pros of One n Only Argan Oil

One N Only Argan Oil Treatment

One n Only Argan Oil Treatment is for all hair types, which protects the hair against damages. After applying the treatment onto hair, it will create a brilliant shine and even eliminates frizzy hair.

Get a small amount of the oil treatment and distribute it evenly on palms, then apply it to damp or dry hair.

You can use heat to style your hair, and it will never create frizz or any damage. For best results, apply on dry hair too.

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One n Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment

One n Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment is another product from the same company which focuses on conditioning, hydrating and smoothing the hair cuticles. It also resistant against humidity and eliminates frizz. It provides both color and thermal protection.

Because this is a spray, you will need to spray the formula evenly on your hair then style afterwards. If your hair is dry, just spray lightly and it will result in silky and shiny hair. It has a non-greasy formula which will not leave any oily residue.

Their Moisture Repair Shampoo is used for adding volumes to hair and improving its manageability and shine. It also restores the moisture levels and hydrates the hair.

Many hair care formulas have ingredients in them that break and reduce the moisture of the hair, which is why there is a growing awareness of looking for shampoos that are free from paraben, phosphate and sulfate ingredients.

One n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo is free from these three ingredients.

Lastly is the One n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask Derived from Moroccan Argan Trees. This specially formulated treatment for hair is designed for any hair types which gives moisture and hydrates the hair from getting dry. It also provides color protection too.

This treatment is applied after shampooing your hair. Apply a generous amount of this product onto the hair and leave it one for about 7 to 10 minutes then rinse.
This product also no longer requires heat.

Cons of One n Only Argan Oil

There is a lot of argument when it comes to Argan Oil, especially when it is used as a label for a product in order to entice consumers who are after this exotic ingredient. The name referred to Argan Oil is called Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, which most of the products mentioned above has listed this ingredient almost at the last, some none of it.

Some customers feel that it is a scam, because they are looking for 100% Pure Argan Oil that comes directly from Morocco. If you are looking for a product that solely holds this ingredient alone, make sure that the ingredients only lists Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, and nothing else. Plus, for the uninitiated, Argan Oil has a scent that may feel funny or not to your liking.

Other than the ingredient argument, most consumers find the products doing their job right.

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