Painkillers ‘aid dementia care’ Recipes Healthy

Painkillers ‘aid dementia care’  Recipes Healthy

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By Jane HughesHealth correspondent, BBC News

Many insanity patients being prescribed “chemical cosh” antipsychotic drugs could be improved treated with elementary painkillers, investigate says.

The British and Norwegian study, published on a BMJ website, found painkillers significantly cut restlessness in insanity patients.

Agitation, a common insanity symptom, is mostly treated with antipsychotic drugs, that have unsure side effects.

The Alzheimer’s Society wants doctors to cruise other forms of treatment.

Experts contend that any year about 150,000 patients in a UK are unnecessarily prescribed antipsychotics, that have a absolute opiate effect, and can wear insanity symptoms, and boost a risk of cadence or even death.

They are mostly given to patients whose insanity creates them assertive or agitated.

But researchers from Kings College, London, and Norway speculated that a poise might infrequently be caused by pain, that patients were incompetent to demonstrate in other ways.

They complicated 352 patients with assuage or serious insanity in nursing homes in Norway.

Half were given painkillers with each meal, a rest continued with their common treatments.

After 8 weeks, there was a 17% rebate in restlessness symptoms in a organisation being given painkillers – a larger alleviation than would have been approaching from diagnosis with antipsychotics.

The researchers resolved that if patient’s pain was scrupulously managed, doctors could revoke a series of prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs.

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Prof Clive Ballard, Alzheimer’s Society: “Simple painkillers… had a a very, really estimable impact”

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« Sharing Mom’s Bed Won’t Harm Kids’ Social Skills

Knocking behind Rhinos during a zoo »

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