Shae Callahan reults with Herbalife products

Shae Callahan reults with Herbalife products

WELCOME TO: (To BOOKMARK me for future reference just "Ctrl + D" to save this page to your Favourites file)Hi.

Welcome to my page about nutrition and weight loss products.

My name is Shae Callahan. I am a Renal Dialysis nurse working

various shifts at the Colac and Geelong Hospitals (which are in Victoria

in Australia). I have also now become a health and wellness coach with

July 2006 I was being tested for Chronic Fatigue and had depression,

but I refused anti-depressants because I knew the stigma attached to

it. I was so run down, the ‘brain fog’ I was suffering affected my

ability to concentrate. I caught every cold and flu going round and had

frequent chest and urinary tract infections. Not a good combination

I was so tired my joints ached. I was at my lowest when Herbalife

found me. My mum invited Jodie Rowan around to talk to me about losing

weight (I was 87kg (191lbs)!!) but I was so sick and clogged up I didn’t

think anything could help me, I thought I was beyond help. I sat there

so cynically with my arms crossed coughing my lungs up, I’d tried every

rabbit food diet under the sun!

I didn’t have the energy

to care. I had a friend named Jodie Rowan who said if I didn’t feel

better if I started using Herbalife products and that if I was not

showing real improvement after a month of taking the products she would

give me my money back, I really didn’t think I would feel better and

said "Sure see you at the end of the month!"

I decided that is I was going to give this a fair chance I would

use the best program available so bought an Ultimate Program. Well,

after a few days on the program I could concentrate on conversations,

the brain fog had lifted. By the second week I felt like the lead boots I

had been wearing for years had gone, I was walking with a spring in my

step, my joints didn’t ache any more, and I’d lost 2.5kg (6lbs)!!

I’ve gone on to lose 15kg (33lb) in 6 months and then another 3kg

(7lb) using the Herbalife products as a weight maintenance program.

I''ve now lost a total of 20kg (44lb)and 4 dress sizes !! I fly through

my week of shift work with boundless energy! I’m maintaining my 20kg

(44lb) weight loss and I feel fantastic.

Colds, flu’s, chest and urinary tract infections, which had been a

constant part of my life, are now a thing of the past!! I’ve had such

amazing results using the whole product range, I want to help others

As a nurse I thought I understood the importance of good nutrition,

and I thought I ate well. What I didn’t realise was my villi in my

small intestine were so badly impaired due to over prescription of

antibiotics and the stress of my job, they couldn’t absorb the nutrition at all, hence the sickness and weight gain.

When I started on the Herbalife Ultimate Program and Florafiber and Herbal Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate helped balance the good bacteria in my intestine and heal me from the inside out.

a cascading Antioxidant, which helped boost my immune system as I’m

constantly surrounded by disease and illness. My own feelings of

wellness led me to look at Herbalife as a business. I registered with the company, and after 3 month of taking the products I became a Supervisor.

I had found a way to assist people with their health issues which

is both emotionally and ethically gratifying. Given the burden of

health related illness on our medical system and so many band-aid

solutions around I wanted to be able to provide an alternative where

people can take control over their own health and well being.

I know this to be true because of my own personal results, that

of my current clients and 40 million other people around the world who

So if you are sick of yo-yo dieting, sick of being tired or just sick of being sick, please give me, Shae Callahan, a call on ph 0409 641 550 or contact me on the email form below to ask any more questions you may have

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