Tummy Flattening Gel - On Sale $74.95

Tummy Flattening Gel - On Sale $74.95
No part of the female figure is sexier or more attractive than a flat, sculpted stomach. But maintaining a sleek, shapely midsection is easier said than done –– particularly if you’re over 25.

Don’t blame yourself if your tummy has gotten suddenly out of proportion –– blame the natural makeup of a woman’s body. Beginning in your early 20’s, or after pregnancy, nature conspires to redistribute adipose (fat) tissue… even if you exercise, diet, and maintain an ideal weight, your body shape changes.

Unfortunately, the first sign of the natural ageing process happens in your midsection –– that infuriating “tummy pooch” that utterly ruins your look, your wardrobe, and your confidence. But there’s a beautiful solution –– Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel… the topically applied, deep-penetrating concentrate specifically designed to mobilize the persistent, stubborn fat that makes your tummy bulge.

How It Works –– The Science
It is well documented that when beta adrenergic stimulants such as Epidril™ are added to a culture dish with adipose (fat) cells, the cells deflate as they release their stored fat –– very similar to the way a balloon deflates when stuck with a pin. The evidence is conclusive. Epidril™ has been verified by two published clinical trials and has been awarded dual United States Patents [Nos. 4,525,359 and 4,588,724].

Although many Epidril™ formulations have successfully targeted fat cells in the thighs and buttocks, researchers have just discovered something most women have known for years: abdominal fat (“Tummy Pooch”) isn’t “ordinary” fat… it’s extremely difficult to target –– in part because of its inherent structural density. So, although Epidril™ – containing gels have been proven to emulsify fat on contact, ordinary transdermal products are simply not powerful enough to precisely target resistant abdominal fat.

"This new, highly concentrated formula finally allows for precise, targeted delivery... making it the first true spot-reducing gel capable of effective reduction of dense fat."

Dr. Nathalie Chevereau, Ph.D., RD,
Director of Women''s Health, Basic Research, L.L.C.

The Power of Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel
The ultimate power of Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel results from a patent-pending process that allows precise delivery of its ultra-concentrated Epidril™ base formulation to resistant areas of dense abdominal fat –– selectively accelerating the breakdown of regional fat cells. Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel is a quick-penetrating gel so thick, concentrated, and smooth some people call it a “fat burning paste”… everyone who’s used it simply calls it a “miracle.”

$74.95 ea

The “Fine Print”
As with all Epidril™ formulations, there are two caveats. First, because Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel works by forcing stored fat out of abdominal fat cells and into the bloodstream to be burned as energy, you have to help burn off the released fat by exercising or decreasing caloric intake so circulating fat is not redeposited. Second, you might be tempted to use more than the recommended dosage of Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel. Don’t… there is simply no way for your body to deal with that much released fat.

See Visible Results in Approximately 19 days
Use Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel as directed, and you will begin to see dramatic, visible results in approximately 19 days. Remember, nothing builds more confidence than a youthful, flat, firm, trim tummy. Nothing. And the quickest way to capture a perfectly sculpted midsection is with the new, area-specific, clinically proven, super-concentrated Sövage Tummy Flattening Gel.