What you send into the lives of others…

What you send into the lives of others…

From a very young age I was taught that “what you send into the lives of others will come back into your own.” I’m sure my parents said it in terms that a small child would understand, but it’s stayed with me my entire life. In the interactions of a child on the playground, I would see children being treated unkindly by others and I never understood why someone would be that way to someone else? Did they want people to be mean to them? As I got older I saw that, unfortunately, not many people follow this old saying and it saddened me.

As a business owner I embrace the fact that I am able to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I interact with. It’s one of the reasons I decided to become an Affiliate Business Owner with Xpress Healthcare. I am in business to be successful, but there are different levels of success that I measure. The financial success of my business is obvious. I often find a greater level of success when I see the impact of what I do on others – both my clients and my team members.

When I take the time to guide a new team member on their journey with Xpress I see how their life is changing. They are gaining knowledge and confidence in their new business. They know that I am 100% committed to their success and I’m always here to help. When you send positive energy into other people’s lives you help that person by giving them a positive outlook and a sense of trust to try new things. We all need that mental boost to go further than we have before.

I see it when I interact with the clients I have. Their lives are improving because of several factors. They are saving money and for many, that is a dramatic improvement. In this economy no one can afford to overpay for anything, especially healthcare. Money is too tight. You need to analyze your spending and our plans provide value and savings that is immediately visible. I see that by accessing more affordable healthcare, their health will be improving as well because they might not have sought treatment otherwise. Both of these are important, but it’s the gratitude they express when I check in with them that’s really the best of all.

Each day I want the lives of those I interact with to be better. Whether it’s the smile they hear in my voice as we talk, or the email I send to them, letting them know I appreciate them – I want them to feel good. It takes so little time to be kind to someone, yet it can have a long lasting effect on that person. Take the time to send good into the lives of those you interact with and you’ll find that good feeling inside of you is even better!

For more information about joining my team, with Xpress Healthcare please visit http://cherylhess.xpressabo.com/opportunity.php

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