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What herbs are safe to take to boost my milk supply?

I’m breastfeeding my 3 month old daughter and my milk supply is low. I know we’re just getting more in tune with each other – it’s not that. It’s getting low. What are some SAFE herbs to take and still breastfeed her to boost my milk supply? Also – any other techinques to boost my milk supply?
Please when suggesting herbs – have a website in mind so I can go read more about the herb! I appreciate it!

FENUGREEKis a great herb to boost milk supply (i have no website though). I take it now and it works great. It wont make you overproduce but keeps to regular. It can cause a bit of gas, so start slow. It will make your sweat smell like maple syrup – that way you know its working. My gyn recommended this to me for both kids. I swear by it.
There is one other herbal concoction I saw at Whole Foods, but i cant remember the name.

Drink a bottle of water at each feeding. It wont make more milk, but it will ensure that you keep your supply up. Nursing takes alot of fluid out of you and you need to replenish. If you excercize as well, drink two bottle after your workout.

Pump in between feedings. This is really hard to do if you work or are busy with other kids. I try to stay up after the last feeding and pump one more time before bed. That way I am building up a stash and increasing the demand for milk (or so my body thinks) the more that is demanded, the more you will make.

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