Acai Berry Scams

Acai Berry Scams

Acai berry is a tree pulp that first received attention as a healthy weight loss and detox aid. The acai berry is made mainly of antioxidants which is what makes it an effective detox agent, an anti aging agent and it generally improves one health. Acai berry is processed and made into pills and supplements in which you can easily reap all the benefits of the acai berry without having access to the fresh berry itself. It’s not all good news though – although acai berry is a fantastic product that has many benefits, because of its popularity alot of scams have surfaced. The following are just a few acai berry scams that you should be aware of:

Fake Acai Berry

There are many unscrupulous marketers selling pills and supplements under the acai name, but these false acai berry pills and supplements often have little or no real acai berry pulp and therefore do not deliver the expected results such as weight loss. Anyone can tell you their product contains the real thing, however you have to be very careful who you buy from. Always purchase from a reputable health supplement manufacturer with an established business and positive customer feedback. Otherwise you could be buying a product that not only isn’t pure acai berry, but also may contain ingredients that are harmful to your health.

No Money Back Guarantee

So many health supplements today either don’t offer a money back guarantee, or don’t make it clear how you can get a refund should you need one. If you are buying online there should be information on a refund policy and you should easily be able to find the company details so that you know who to contact.

Free Trials

Luckily the free trial scam has nearly been wiped out after an FDA crackdown, but there are still some ‘free’ trials available that you should be aware of. Now a free trial might seem like a positive thing, but actually it’s not quite as good as it looks. Here’s how it works: You find a sales page with fancy graphics and a wonderful sounding acai berry weight loss supplement that offers a free trial (usually for a 2 week – 1 month supply). You enter your shipping details and your credit card details (to pay the shipping fee which is usually less than $5). However 2 weeks to a month later you find a payment for $60-$80 has left your credit card and you get a new bottle of acai berry pills in the mail. This will happen every single month until you cancel – and not surprisingly, it’s often very difficult to find details on HOW to cancel. Although this isn’t a scam per se (there probably is small print somewhere tell you that you’re signing up for an autobilling agreement) it’s pretty unethical, and a huge percentage of people availing of the free trial have no idea what they’re really signing up for.

Scams like theses are NOT just confined to acai berry, in fact you’ll find them with pretty much any health supplement you can find online. As long as you’re careful and do your due diligence before buying you should be able to avoid acai berry scams and find a great product that really works.

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