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Make sure that you know specifically what coverage you

are giving up before enrolling in a low cost health insurance

plan. As long as a plan is fully insured and the agent is also

licensed and insured, then it is OK to save money by choosing a

plan that eliminates coverage that you do not need. For example,

if you don’t need maternity coverage or pre-existing condition

coverage, then it is safe to buy a plan that costs only half as

much as a health plan that does include this coverage. Novak emphasizes that these buying guidelines apply to residents

of all states, not just Connecticut. Health Insurance Quotes

importantly, though he also receives low cost health insurance

for himself, his wife, and child, something he does not have at

his full-time job. Another friend works part-time at her

favorite restaurant (a chain restaurant) and as per company

policy receives a free meal prior to beginning her shift. These

are just a few of the many fringe benefits available to

part-time moonlighters. The Key to Making the Most of Part-Time Work Benefits

To make the most of a part-time job opportunity it is essential

to ask yourself two questions. Personal health insurance, Cheap Health Insurance and low cost health insurance rates. Im changing the status of my job. What would be the best supplemental health insurance? Im a healthy female with no pre-existing conditions. Would it be best to get Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I do need medical, dental, vision, short term disability and long term disability.

I used Atena HMO for a really long time. It was very cheap, 150.00 a month and great coverage. For medical I would go with a HSA compatible high deductible

health insurance, not necessarily BC/BS.

There are many available out there.

HSA stands for health savings account. For dental and vision

I would recommend Where can I get health insurance for my daughter? She is 3 1/2 years old and she has had hypothyroidism since birth. She has been denied by IHC Select Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield through individual plans. And we no longer qualify for Medicaid or CHIP because our income level is too high. So unless my husband has benefits through work where they cant deny her (which he doesnt have at the time), we have been unable able to find insurance for her. Does any one have a solution?

Call a social worker at FIA, just because you dont qualify for medicade by income does not mean you wont for her condiotion. See if you can narrow down her possible father to less than 5 guys and make him pay I need health insurance, please help!? I want Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance that offers dental too. Where on the internet can I find one?

Go to and it should let u know what is available in your state. I want it too, but it is just too expensive where i live. May I suggest to you Ameri Plans discount benefits program. They do not have any restrictions on ongoing conditions and you can start saving immediately. There is a hospital advocacy program that assigns you a personal advocate to negotiate with doctors on your medical bills.

The plan also includes savings on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care. Id check them out. Im so proud to be with them. I know I shouldnt advertise, but your need sounds great. Let me know if you have any questions.

We are currently running a promotion for just the dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic plan where you can try it out for 3 months for total. This is a great service. You should check it out!

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