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OK, which of the presidential candidates do you think REALLY has a viable health care plan?

I''m not into politics, feeling that there are paybacks, favors and general corruption everywhere. Wealth, decent looks, connections, charisma wins every time. SORRY for the cynicism.... BUT this IS certainly an interesting election year!

I left a big corporation (horrible corporate culture) with 18 years of awesome benefits. Couldn''t continue paying the big COBRA fees and am currently looking for affordable insurance for a poor person, healthy, (great BP and cholesterol, non-smoker, non-drinker, ...bla bla....)

The rates are just obscene for anyone on a limited income.


Thanks for your opinion, AND if you know of an honest health care plan with a HIGH deductible (I can handle the smaller stuff--the first 2 or three thousand) let me know.

So far, the insurance salespeople I''ve spoken with give me the creeps and sound like used-car salesmen..

The present Health Insurance is a scam perpetrated by the Health Insurance Lobby.


At one time medical doctors are up at arms against this Health Insurance Law because it does not provide the best possible medical care for the sick. The bigger chunk of the pie goes into the bureaucracy of the Health Insurance company. A smaller slice of the pie goes to the doctor.

All the $dollar$ cost the insured see are all inflated. The real cost of medical care are hidden from the public. Remember the cost of all health care is paid for by the insured as a group.

"Insurance companies use the term "adverse selection" to describe the tendency for only those who will benefit from insurance to buy it. Specifically when talking about health insurance, unhealthy people are more likely to purchase health insurance because they anticipate large medical bills. On the flip side, people who consider themselves to be reasonably healthy may decide that medical insurance is an unnecessary expense; if they see the doctor once a year and it costs $250, that''s much better than making monthly insurance payments of $400 (example figures)."

Health insurance is in business because more money is coming ($340B) in than is going out. In general that means the insured paid more money that the actual cost of health care. Period.

Check this site about the $300 Billion dollar HMO industry -

Bill Clinton was scared to confront. The industry is corrupt like mafia.

Check out the salaries CEO''s in this industry. Check out the scandals in health insurance companies. You will be shock with the scams they pull.

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