Slimey Games: RTS-Project part 12

Slimey Games: RTS-Project part 12

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I just implemeted part 12 of Elgar Storms''s RTS-Project. This part in general dealt with the resource system.

So the features of this new Version of the RTS-Game are:

- A new harvester unit has been added

- A new building has been created. The harvester delivers its collected resources to this new refinery building

- Health bars and resource bars have been added, visualizing unit and bulding health as well as the harvester''s collection state

I am not sure about one particular part of the tutorial which did not work out for me. This is the code block from ResourceManager.cs: public static void SetResourceHealthBarTextures(Dictionary images) {

And this is how it looks in my code:public static void SetResourceHealthBarTextures(Dictionary images) {

For me this works just fine, but if I haved missed something in some place, please enlighten me!

So as always, below you find the actual version of the RTS-Project, just try it out!

- Move the mouse cursor to the edges of the unity screen or usse the buttons WASD to scroll.

- Press Alt and +click the right mouse button and then move the mouse to rotate.

- Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

- Use the left mouse button to select and issue commands.

- Use the right mouse button to deselect.

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