The Spartacus Workout

The Spartacus Workout
In order to build up a body that screams ‘Spartacus’, we’ve chosen a good number of exercises that will collectively work and help you build on each area of your body. It would make sense to convert each of these exercises into a one minute station; since this will throw a direct challenge at your lungs and your heart. Your muscles will also be included in this one.

The final result of all this combining will be a circuit that is high on intensity and which is specifically designed to torch fat; define your arms, abs and chest; and it will surely set your fitness levels soaring.


Perform this circuit around 3 times in a week and ensure that you perform each exercise in succession. Give yourself a breather of about 15 seconds between each station. After you have finished the entire circuit, take around 2 minutes rest. Then repeat the entire circuit twice for best results.


Goblet Squat

As you grab any one end of your favorite dumbbell such that it is parallel to your chest from the front; place it vertically while you do so. Stand with your feet at slightly-more-than-shoulder width. Maintain a natural arch of the back and begin lowering your body while you begin pushing your hips back. Begin to bend at your knees and lower the body and do so until your thighs are in a parallel position to the floor. Pause for a second and go back to the position you started with. Do a normal squat using just your body weight, if this is too tough for you to deal with.

Mountain Climber

Start off with a position that is similar to that of a pushup. Keep your arms completely straight while doing so. If you do this right, your body should now resemble a straight line. Do not change the posture of your lower-back; but instead focus on lifting the right foot towards your chest and off the floor. Slowly move the right knee towards the chest and repeat this with the left leg as well after returning to the start position.


Single-arm Dumbbell Swing

Use a dumbbell or a kettlebell and place it at an arm’s length and at around the height of your waist. Do not round your back, but bend at the hips and the knees; and swing the dumbbells towards the area that lies between your legs. Keep your arms straight and try thrusting your hips forward while you do this. Swing the dumbbells almost till shoulder level while you rise back to the start position.

The T-pushup

Hex dumbbells, a pair of them, would be needed for you to perform this one. Assume the classic pushup position, while you keep the arms straight. Now bend your elbows while lowering the entire body, continue until the chest almost begins to touch the floor. While you raise yourself back to the original position, try lifting your right hand up and rotating it to the right side. Do this while you raise the dumbbell over the shoulder. Do this up till the point where your body forms what looks like a T.

Split Jump

Stand in a stance that spells ‘staggered’. Place your feet around 2 to 3 feet apart, while you place your torso in an upright position. While you bend the legs over; begin start lowering your body into a lunge. Now perform a jump with high intensity; use such energy that will help you in propelling both the feet off the floor. While you’re in the air, do a scissor-kick with your legs. Do it in such a way that you land with your right leg behind and your left leg in front. Repeat this by alternating legs.