Treat acne,the natural way

Treat acne,the natural way

Any discussion today on how to treat Acne would invariably start with Acne products and possibly end with laser treatments. Whatever happened to natural methods of healing Acne? Do they still exist and do people use it? A recent study conducted by a leading healthcare magazine reports that about 70% people prefer using Acne products and don’t even know of other ways of curing Acne.

For example,acne can be cured using an ayurvedic herb called Aloe Vera? Acne can also be treated using turmeric and papaya seeds. The only drawback of these problems is that their efficiency has not been proved medically. So these methods have not become as popular.

A drug called iBuprofen has anti inflammatory properties. In some cases, people take to these drugs to help preventing Acne. That said, such drugs can only be used where the symptoms of Acne are not too extreme.

One of the simplest and the most natural of all measures you would have heard, helping you to get rid of Acne is detoxification. The thought here is – Acne happens due to a build up of toxins in the body. Detoxification helps in cleansing all the toxins from the body, and thus, it helps in preventing or curing Acne. Yet, people who know about Detoxification programs claim that this is not such an easy task either.

You would have to make big time changes in your lifestyle in order to make sure you remove the toxins from your body. Some dietary changes also need to be made. People though find it extremely tough to make these lifestyle changes especially if they have got used to it.

These methods do not match up to acne products or laser surgeries in terms of popularity. But one thing is for sure – If people can look up to these methods of curing Acne, they wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money.

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