Chocolate Creme Protein Shake

Chocolate Creme Protein Shake

Beef up your workout and nutrition in an instant with Boresha’s Chocolate Crème Protein Shake. A deliciously rich and creamy chocolate flavor with a unique protein blend, designed to support lean muscle mass and a healthy metabolism. Whether you’re looking to get fit or are serious about strength training, Boresha’s Chocolate Crème Protein Shake is a perfect companion to your daily routine.

Available in thirty individual serving packets.

  • Sports Performance Carbs™ & Proteins
  • Certified Low-Glycemic & Diabetic-Friendly
  • Only 65 Calories per serving
  • Meets all Anti-Doping Guidelines
  • Athletic Performance Formula
  • Sports Certified by HSP®
  • Optimum Protein Uptake
  • Optimum Protein Levels


  • The ONLY Nutraceutical that downregulates Ghrelin
  • The ONLY Nutraceutical that downregulates LPL
  • Non-Ketogenic
  • Clinically tested on diabetics and non-diabetics
  • BORESHA’s scientists have developed a completely new form of proteins designed to support lean muscle mass and a healthy metabolism while minimizing glycemic fluctuations in the body
  • Plays a key role in initiating the transcription pathway that fires up protein synthesis. Boresha’s Slow Protein Matrix stimulates protein synthesis, which helps speed recovery and adaptation to stress (exercise)**
  • Contains the amino acid cysteine bound to Sports Performance Carbs™, which is used by the body to create glutathione
  • NO SOY PROTEINS: Does NOT contain Soy protein because Soy proteins have been shown to increase the risk of some forms of cancer.

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