Healthy Detox Cleanser

Healthy Detox Cleanser

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Juices are as good as any food these days. It used to be that juices were considered as substitutes for water. They were used to quench thirst and as a form of hydration. But today, we find that juice is often used in conjunction with dieting. In fact, the juice cleanse has become a widely used diet because some consider it to have an edge over other diets due to the composition. Lot of people who don’t particularly like fruits or vegetables find they can tolerate them much more easily when juiced. Juice detox is really a diet in liquid form composed of the macerated or squeezed part of a fruit or a vegetable. Apples, beets, cranberries, carrots, celery, cabbage, kale, pineapple, spinach and various greens are the most popularly used. Also, the juice cleanse is a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The juice cleanse, is a form of detox dieting that relies solely on the consumption of juice while totally abstaining from solid food. This is why the juice cleanse diet should only be used for brief periods of time. The customary length of a juice cleanse is anywhere from 1-3 days, anything longer than this requires medical monitoring for safe results.

So why is the juice cleanse so beneficial? Fruits and vegetable juices are good sources of nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, they are more easily digested than solid food without much aggravation to the digestive system. And because of its benefits, the juice gives the body time to remove toxins without absorbing new ones. Consequently, it allows the liver to have time to rejuvenate and repair itself.

Juice Cleanse guidelines:

  • It is highly recommended to perform the juice cleanse during warm months specifically during spring time. It wouldn’t be good to start this diet during cold months for the juice alone cannot sustain the needs of the body.
  • One week before starting the diet, eliminate or reduce foods such as eggs, sugar, animal meat, fish, alcohol, caffeine, and dairy product. Begin replacing these items with fruits, vegetables or beans instead.
  • Do not consume the juice all at one time. It should be consumed over the course of the day. Drink between 32- 64 ounces of juices every day. Fruits and vegetables can be mixed depending on your choice but acidic fruits like citrus should be avoided as they may cause stomach upset.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are preferred because they are natural and they are not subjected to any preservatives or artificial components. Especially with green vegetables and sprouts, they are good for juice fast.
  • The diet is not as rigid as it sounds, a variation of eating one meal a day can also be used.
  • When juicing your fruits and vegetables, make sure to remove pits, seeds, tops and tough skins.
  • After you have finished with the diet period, you can go back to solid food gradually. You need to introduce the foods slowly to avoid shocking your system as you transition from a liquid diet to a solid diet. Begin by adding 2 fruits to the diet and an alternative of steamed green vegetables for the next day. Progressively increase the foods and amounts. You may add fresh salads, brown rice until you are ready to add yogurt and eggs. Five to six days after the diet, fish and chicken can be included.

Every time you feel hungry, just drink your juice and you won’t feel as hungry. This practice helps prevent you from binging on food. The juice cleanse is just that, it cleanses the body from harmful toxins and helps repair the body to its normal functioning. It can be demanding and feel somewhat restrictive when going through the actual cleanse, but remember to stick with it, the result can be twice as satisfying with its multitude of benefits.