The review : What MaxMyWeightLoss promises

The review : What MaxMyWeightLoss promises

Let me guess : you are not satisfied with the results from all of your weight loss efforts, and you REALLY want to lose weight and keep it off!

You’ve stumbled upon “Max My Weight Loss Blueprint“, and you’re wondering : is it a scam? Is it like all the other programs and diets? You want to know if John Saeger’s Max My Weight Loss is really a good weight loss program.

  • 1-On-1 Coaching
  • Nutrition Secrets
  • Exercise Secrets
  • Weight Loss Cure
  • Guaranteed Success

I have to say I am disappointed in the fact that John Saeger did not say the whole truth. Even if what’s inside is true and helpful, I just think that the video and sales page do not represent what the program contains.

What I liked

  • It IS a step by step training (AND meal) plan, and I like that, we need that. If you wanted a program. As I said earlier :

    I want to find a method, a program to follow, because even though I know what to do, I still lack some discipline (or better ways, who knows?). ~

    And I wasn’t disappointed with that, there is more than enough training programs and meal plans that are researched, not just some random menus or trainings.

  • Unlike a lot of other weight loss programs, the information is not only thrown at you without anything else.

    There are videos explaining everything, with many advices to change your lifestyle, not only a specific “weird trick” or something like that. The videos explain everything you need to know, and more … on many different aspects of weight loss.

What I disliked

  • Ok first, I have to say there’s a weird presentation video, with the voice changing twice … If you want to know what’s inside, READ the sales page, the video has too much hype.
  • John said that the program did not include a diet. Alright, that’s true, there’s not a “diet”, but there are still alimentation parts in the weight loss program…(But I said it earlier : you can’t hope to lose weight without changing your alimentation! Just don’t overdo it).So, there’s no diet in the blueprint, but there are “nutrition plans”…

    But hey, you can’t expect to lose weight by eating fries and pizza every day!

    I guess it’s not called “diet”, because there’s a LOT of food in the meal plan.

    What John Saeger is trying to tell is this : Eat a lot, MANY times throughout the day, NOT a lot each times, and also : VARY your meals.

    Oh, and drink a lot of water.

    Well, if you didn’t know all of what I just said, I recommend you do buy MaxMyWeightLoss Blueprint, because it’s explained WHY.

    I do know why, I knew it before, and it’s even clearer now, and it should be clear for you.

    Whoa, that was weird sentence … I hope you understood what I meant : you MUST know this in order to lose weight. Find it out any way you like, but from everything that I learned to date on nutrition, I think that this program says it all, and has no misleading information. I totally recommend “Max My Weight Loss” for valuable information on nutrition and exercices.

  • I kind of have difficulties understanding John, as english is not my native language.I don’t mean I don’t understand a thing, I just mean some words, sometimes … see for yourself in the video teaser here to see if you have any problem with that!

In a nutshell

Here is what I think of Max My Weight Loss Blueprint : It’s a great weight loss program, and contains everything you need to know, WITH context, but still needs discipline (I kind of expected that … and so should you).

And yes, there is some hype, but what’s in it is all 100% true, valuable and effective. So MaxMyWeightLoss is definitely not a scam, if you were wondering, but maybe you shouldn’t believe everything there is one the sales page.

And yes, I do think it’s worth the $47, which is much less than all the hours of advice and information in this blueprint.

If you’re convinced, go buy MaxMyWeightLoss Blueprint

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