diet for a healthy pregnancy

Your doctor just confirms that you are pregnant and your little angle is on the way! One of the first thoughts that strikes you is what should I eat? How much? When? Isn’t it right? Ok so read on.

To pregnant women every bite counts. Although there’s no magic formula for diet for a healthy pregnancy, still your diet during pregnancy should include foods that have very good sources of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Your baby’s development inside your womb completely depends on the nutrient you take. However, food cravings can challenge even the most disciplined mom-to-be, so dieting is surely not the favorite word for pregnant women. Lots of future moms use the pretext of ‘eating for two’ in order to explain their massive weight gain during the nine months but what these women don’t understand is each and every excess pound can trigger unpleasant health problems for both the mother and the growing boy or girl.

Diet for a healthy pregnancy

Eating healthy while pregnant doesn’t have to mean giving up to all tasty foods you normally serve. But there are some rules you have to follow for maintaining a healthy weight while your baby develops inside the uterus.

Basic rules for a healthy diet during pregnancy month by month

The so called pregnancy food pyramid is a great guide for any women expecting a baby, who wants to remain fit without causing any damage to the future boy or girl. This pyramid consists of 6 different food groups, for each of them being recommended a specific number of servings. Products placed on the pyramid’s base should be eaten in higher amounts, while those placed at the top should be completely avoided.

But what is a serving’s size for pregnant women? If we refer to carbs, than half a cup of whole-wheat pasta or rice, a slice of bread or one muffin means a serving. If we talk about meat, such as fish or poultry, a serving is about the size of a deck of cards. For fruits and green leafy vegetables, a serving has the size of a cup or a fist while for starchy vegetables, half a cup stands for a portion.

The recommended number of servings for products included in the first level of the pyramid is 9 to 11. From this group you can consume bread and whole grains products, like dry or cooked cereals, pastas, rice – better brown than white, graham crackers or other similar products. Don’t limit the intake of these products due to their rich in carbs content – your body and your baby both need these nutrients as well as the folic acid in these products!

The second level contains fruits and vegetables, essential for a healthy diet during pregnancy month by month. A future mom should consume 3-4 servings a day but should avoid those products that could cause her gas, constipation and cramping. Leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and turnip, as well as peas, tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, kiwis, grapefruits and strawberries are great choices as they’re rich in vitamins and minerals.- Read original at

Adapting diet for a healthy pregnancy is important for you and your baby. Eating healthy during pregnancy has a range of benefits for general health and will prepare your body for pregnancy.What to eat for healthy pregnancy is a good question to ponder upon. Eat lots of assorted food as possible but do not over eat it will lead to excessive weight gain. Best strategy is to regulate three meals daily or six lesser meals if you have troubles with sickness or indigestion. Eating for a healthy pregnancyrequires a sum of 2,200 or 2,800 calories in addition to the normal diet, prenatal food supplements such as vitamins especially iron, calcium, Folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9 are basically prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy.

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