J.O.S.H. Clinic - JHABRERA

J.O.S.H. Clinic - JHABRERA

J.O.S.H. Clinic is a primary healthcare centre located at the beautiful, scenic campus of Raja Bahmal’s Haveli at Jhabrera Town (Haridwar, Uttarakhand). It is an ambulatory care clinic which provides primary health care needs to the rural population in and around historical town of Jhabrera.

It provides general medical and surgical care and is run by Dr. Harshvardhan Singh, a trained physician & general surgeon and a qualified hospital administrator, on Non-profit basis to provide best medical & surgical advice and treatment based of the modern, allopathic, evidence base medicine.

Clinic has a large waiting (triage) hall, an OPD with attached minor operation theatre (O.T.), a three bedded inpatient (ambulatory care) facility and a 5 bedded emergency equipped to handle all kinds of medical exigencies. It also has its own dispensary that houses all kinds of medicines and medical items.

Clinic also has its own transport facility to help old and needy patients. A 24x7 advanced medical care Ambulance is available to shift the patients to higher centres for advance medical management.

Started in the month of April, 2011, this single room clinic has grown to about 7 rooms’ clinic and it now has an attendance of about more than 100 patients per day with the numbers increasing day by day. People from all neighbouring villages are now availing medical facilities at this clinic. Patients from distant towns and cities have now started coming to Jhabrera to avail medical advice and treatment from Dr. Harshvardhan Singh.

Special medical camps are organised every week which provide free check-ups and consultation. These camps are designed to cover all major illness such as Respiratory camp for Respiratory illnesses, Diabetic Camp for Diabetic patients, Hypertension and Obesity camp and Iron-Calcium camp for Anaemic or Osteoporosis patients.