Keep Your Home Warm and Your Family Safe

Keep Your Home Warm and Your Family Safe

Home heating system failure can be a scary part of the winter months. Before your home heating system fails, try to have a back up plan for the event. Make sure there are relatives or friends who are willing to open their home to you and your family if your heating system breaks down. If you have pets, ensure the family or friends are willing to house your cat or dog as well.

If your system breaks down, there are steps you can take while waiting for home heating technicians to fix your system. Keep everyone in the same room. Confine the family members to one room to keep what little heat is left concentrated in one place. Make sure everyone is dressed warmly and blankets are readily available.

Do not burn anything larger than a candle. Large burning items need proper ventilation or they can cause carbon monoxide to build up in the room. In fact, any heaters other than electric ones should be kept in well-ventilated areas. Keep any candles at least one foot from a flammable item, such as curtains, a Christmas tree or furniture.

Do not use appliances to stay warm. Your gas or electric stove was not built to keep you warm for an extended period of time. These items could overheat and cause a fire to begin. Keep heating devices at least 36 inches in front of other objects, such as the wall or furniture. Be sure to turn off any space heaters before you leave a room or go to bed. Never fill kerosene heaters when they are hot, as it could damage the heater and injure the person filling it.

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