New Web Site Devoted to Canine Heart Disease - A Leading Cause of Death in Dogs

New Web Site Devoted to Canine Heart Disease - A Leading Cause of Death in Dogs

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St. Joseph, Mo. (PRWEB) October 21, 2008 -- Heart disease is a principle cause of death in dogs, affecting more than 10 percent of all dogs and more than 60 percent of aged dogs. A new Web site devoted to this issue - - is designed to educate pet owners about how to protect and care for their dogs'' hearts.

"A dog''s heart is just like yours, and dogs suffer from heart disease almost as often as people do," said Steve Peterson, DVM, senior manager at Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of veterinary medicines. "Early detection is so important, and there are signs to watch for. We developed the new Web site as a resource that people can use to learn how to keep their dog''s heart healthy and become better informed about a major canine health concern that is often overlooked."

At, visitors will find a wealth of useful information, including:

• The incidence of heart disease in dogs, which increases as they age;

• How veterinarians detect and diagnose heart problems;

• What a heart murmur sounds like;

• The risk factors and symptoms of heart disease;

• Which dog breeds are more prone to developing heart disease;

• A description of congestive heart failure; and

• Dog heart health tips

The most important steps that dog owners can take to keep their pets healthy and heart disease-free are maintaining a dog''s proper body weight, regularly exercising the dog and taking the animal to a veterinarian at least once a year for a checkup. Heart disease in dogs can be managed. Knowing what to look for and catching it early are keys to prolonging and improving the quality of a dog''s life.

To learn more, go to Visitors also can submit and read heartwarming stories about families who have triumphed in their dog''s battle against heart disease.

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