Sometimes life has its own ways of showing you signs that not everything may be right with your body system. Keeping an eye out may not always be possible, given the express-speed lives that we lead. So we’re simplifying it for you. Here’s a list of questions that you could answer yourself to see if you’re up to the mark or you’re falling short -

Health qustions

1.Do you make frequent trips to urinate at night?

This could be the indication of a prostrate problem. This theory will get even more strengthened if you have a weak stream or experience difficulty in urinating. In most cases, this would be benign prostrate hyperplasia – a treatable condition in which the prostrate gland will expand.

Deal with it– Visit your doctor at the earliest.

2.Have you turned ’short-tempered’?

Have you started screaming your guts out at any motorists that try to bypass you on the lane? Have you never been the types to lose your cool that soon? If your fuse has gotten shorter, it could directly point in the direction of stress. This, in turn, can adversely affect the body by lower your levels of immunity; and thus more susceptible to a number of illnesses.

Deal with it– You might want to experiment with yoga or meditation. Zen Yoga is another great way of getting in touch with your ‘inner self’. This is a situation that can be dealt with without a great deal of medical intervention.

3.Do you have frequent complains of indigestion?

It could be a simple case of indigestion, but it could also be an indicator of your heart’s deteriorating health. If you experience a tingling or some sort of the pain in the arm, then it would be best to seek medical help. Get your blood pressure checked.

Deal with it – Visit a doctor at the earliest.

4.Do you tend to get out of breath very soon?

Do you feel yourself running out of breath when you climb a short set of stairs? Or does bringing in the shopping seem like a Herculean task? These could point in the direction of lung or heart problems, or it could be the onset of asthma. On the contrary, it could also mean that you’re just plain unfit.

Deal with it – Kick the butt, if you are a smoker; and get down to 20 minute long brisk walking. It should do just fine.

Eyesight problem

5.Is your eyesight failing you?

If there is a significant loss in your peripheral vision, it could be a direct indication of glaucoma. Regular eye tests will also help you be warned about the onset of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Deal with it – Go get an eye test done immediately. Your ophthalmologist will be able to help you out with the rest.