The Healthy Plate: Croquettes

The Healthy Plate: Croquettes

I sat with my Belle Maman,

old stories from years gone by,

the people we met, the things we did,

the laughter, the drama, the sighs.

Time disappeared as it tends to do,

when there is affection between two,

Maman said "We''d better start lunch,

So we steamed fresh green beans,

and sat down to eat again,simple food for our heart and soul,our taste buds, stomach and brain........My adorable Belle Mere, Francoise Ingredients:250 gms Oat flakes4 eggs1 cup tomato sauce1/2 cup grated cheese1 tablespoon dried Herbes

Beat the eggs lightly, adding the herbs,

Add the oat flakes to the eggs,

then add the tomato sauce and the cheese

and mix it all together with a fork or spoon.

The batter should not be runny,

nor too dense. Add a tablespoon or two

Heat a pan and grease it with olive oil,

drop a tablespoon of the batter, then

continue one tablespoon at a time,

making 4 or 5 croquettes at a time,

When one side is done, turn them over

and let the other side cook, pressing a little

with the spatula. Add some more olive oil if desired.

Serve with grainy or smooth mustard,

along with a salad or steamed vegetables. Notes:I used Herbes de Provence,a blend of dried herbs from Provence, in France.You can use any blend of herbs and spices you desire.Cheese used in these croquettes is Emmental Gruyere,a Swiss cheese, that melts beautifully and has a lovely flavor.The tomato sauce is homemade by Frnacoise.She blanches and peels the tomatoes then cooks them gently,along with shallots, garlic, parsley, herbs, salt and pepper.It is the best tomato sauce I have ever tasted!Even though I totally forgot

to add the mustard in the pictures,

these croquettes go very well with a strong mustard,

We ate them with steamed green beans,

with a knob of goat''s butter melting on top,

It was a perfect lunch, in this apartment

right next to the Eiffel Tower, can''t ask for more, right? ;-)Keep it Simple. Be Creative.Taste and Play. Find your own Way.

2 litres of celery, carrot, cucumber, greens, ginger, lemon Juice

as well as my 3 litres of Water with green powder, of cour...

I am an intuitive cook who usually just throws ingredients together without precise measurements. Writing recipes is a whole new learning curve for me.If you have any QUESTIONS about ingredients or instructions, please feel free to ask me in the comment section.Copyright - All text and pictures are sole property of Neeta Bali.

Creating healthy plates is my passion and sharing it is my purpose. The food here is nutrient rich, delicious, natural, wholesome and easy to make.

The focus is on adding new tastes and using ingredients in different ways.

A small step goes a long way, one ripple is all it takes.

Join me on this adventurous and fun filled journey towards a radiant and healthier YOU.....

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